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California Water Truck Rental


A water truck is a specialized vehicle designed to transport and distribute water to construction sites and other work areas. 

These trucks are equipped with a large tank and a pumping system that allows them to spray water through hoses or nozzles. Construction water trucks play a crucial role in controlling dust, compacting soil, and providing water for various construction activities such as roadwork, soil compaction, and concrete mixing, contributing to a more efficient and effective construction process.

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Sizes for Rent:

2,000 Gallon Water Truck

CAT CLASS: 1110031

from dust control, to soil stabilization. Includes PTO-driven water pump + independently controlled front, side, and rear spray heads.

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4,000 Gallon Water Truck

CAT CLASS: 1110029

features a PTO-driven water pump and independently controlled front, side, and rear spray heads. Use the hydrant fill, top hatch fill, or a suction fill.

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Understanding Your Water Truck Rental Needs

Are you in need of a water truck rental in California? 
Before making any decisions, it's essential to thoroughly assess your project requirements. 

Start by calculating the amount of water that needs to be transported and consider any special features that may be necessary for the job at hand. 

Additionally, determine if a specialized truck is required for the task. To ensure you find the right size, take into account factors such as gallons per day or hour, distance traveled, and how frequently refilling will be needed. It's also crucial to factor in the duration of the rental and potential delays that may arise during your project. 

By carefully considering these aspects, you can select the perfect water truck that not only meets all specifications but also ensures efficient completion of your project. 

If you have any questions about our rentals or need assistance with selecting the right equipment for your specific needs, feel free to reach out to us today!

Completing the Rental Process

Returning Your Water Truck Rental in California? 

Follow these essential steps for a seamless and stress-free return process. 

1. Prepare for the return: Clean the water truck inside and​ out, removing all personal belongings and trash. 
2. Review your final invoice: Check for any additional charges or fees before returning the water truck. Contact us immediat​ely if you have any questions or notice discrepancies. 
3. Share your feedback: We value your experience as our customer; share your thoughts on renting a water truck from California Rentals Inc., whether positive or negative. 

Complete these steps to wrap up your rental smoothly while meeting all agreement obligations with us. If you had a great experience, consider leaving an online review or recommending us to others in need of similar services in California

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