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Variety of Sizes for Rent:

2,000 - 18,500 lbs with Cabin Options

For digging around obstacles or alongside structures for small to medium size jobs - We have a wide variety of Makes, Models & Sizes!

  • Maximum digging depths up to 15 feet.
  • Maximum reach up to nearly 24 feet.
  • Up to peak digging force of 16,269 lbs on select models.
2,000 - 3,500 lbs Battery ONLY

Powered by a 48 V lithium-ion battery, the unit operates 100% emissions free. By removing the need to be plugged into a power source to operate, the 100% battery-powered excavator can maneuver into any application, indoor or outdoor, without restriction!

  • Battery Only Powered.
  • Compliant with Noise Ordinances.
  • Work 24/7.
3,500 lbs Hybrid Excavators
  • Hybrid Diesel and Battery Powered.
  • Can be plugged into a 480V power source when the job moves indoors. 
  • 100% emission free operation.
  • Maximum reach of over 13 feet and a maximum digging depth of nearly 8 feet

Types of Excavators We Supply:

*Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rental Options




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Understanding Compact Excavators

Unleash the ultimate construction and landscaping powerhouse with a compact excavator rental.

These mini machines can tackle anything the California terrain has to throw at you - from digging trenches to demolishing structures, lifting heavy objects, and grading land. 

Their unmatched maneuverability makes them perfect for any project. 

Renting one is a smart move for short-term jobs without commitment as not only will they save you money on laborers, but they'll also impress with their ability to navigate depths up to 15 feet and reach heights up to 25 feet. 

Additionally, don't forget about operator comfort! Modern compact excavators prioritize your well-being with ergonomic controls, adjustable seats, and climate-controlled cabins in some models. 

Say goodbye to fatigue during those long hours - get your hands on a compact excavator now! 

Compact excavators, weighing between 1-8 tons, are the ultimate excavation equipment for easy transport. They may not dig as deep as larger models, but they excel at trenching and foundations.

Don't be fooled by their smaller size; these machines pack enough power to efficiently tackle any job. 

Mini Excavator Rental Benefits

Compact excavators are versatile, efficient, and stand out from other larger excavator options. Making them the ultimate choice for tightly spaced job sites.

Here's why they're perfect for construction and landscaping tasks:

  1. Size and maneuverability: Compact excavators excel in tight spaces. They effortlessly navigate narrow pathways, even in urban areas or confined job sites.
  2. Digging depth and reach: Don't be fooled by their small size - compact excavators have impressive digging capabilities. They handle trenching, ditching, sewer line installation, building foundations, and more.
  3. Power and capacity: Despite their smaller horsepower compared to larger models like Caterpillar or Bobcat rentals USA , compact excavators deliver top-notch performance without compromise.
  4. Brand options: Reputable brands like John Deere Rentals offer high-quality compact excavator rentals with tailored features for specific applications.

How to Maximize Safety and Productivity

Safety is paramount! These powerful machines require proper training and adherence to guidelines for accident prevention and smooth operation.

Here's what you need to know: 

  1. Master the controls: Understand each function before starting, ensuring efficient operation. 
  2. Inspect thoroughly: Check for damage or malfunction, and ensure fluid levels are adequate. 
  3. Buckle up for safety: Always wear your seat belt to protect against sudden movements or accidents. 
  4. Clear visibility matters: Keep your work area well-lit with no obstructions that hinder vision; use additional lighting if needed. 
  5. Stay alert, avoid distractions: Focus on your surroundings at all times, be aware of coworkers nearby, and refrain from phone calls or conversations while operating the excavator. 
  6. Dig safely: Know where underground utilities are located to prevent any damage when digging trenches or holes. 
  7.  Get properly trained: Undergo comprehensive training covering machine controls, maintenance procedures, and safety protocols. 8. Certification may be required depending on location/job requirements (e.g., OSHA certification).

By following these essential tips and receiving operator training from reputable rental companies like JMJ, you can minimize risks associated with renting a compact excavator while maximizing productivity in every unique project by consulting manufacturer's guidelines from Bobcat Rental USA, Yanmar, John Deere Rentals, Home Depot, etc and adhering to any additional safety measures specific to your rented equipment in the state of California. 

Remember - safety always comes first when using heavy machinery like rented compact excavators!

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